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Fortified Food

Fortified Foods, also known as Pellets, are feeds of natural origin, mainly hays and herbs, sometimes supplemented with vitamins, mineral salts or additives, with a very different taste and content for the various species (exclusively vegetable based for rescrict herbivores such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus, and with animal proteins for omnivores such as hamsters, gerbils, pet mice and rats), are an integration to the natural diet of rabbits and small rodents.

“Integration” means that these enriched foods must never constitute the exclusive diet of our furry pets. The composition and quality of which they are made are the key to balancing their diet, but they cannot be their main food. Above all, they must not contain products, even natural ones, which are harmful to the species to which they are dedicated.

The fortified foods selected by us (Oxbow Essential, Bunny Nature and Burgess Excel), are of excellent quality, low in calories and specific for each species.



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