Bunny Nature – Health Secure Bunny 250 g


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Bunny Nature – Health Secure Bunny 250 g


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To increase the welfare of rabbits, the SIGNS laboratory, in collaboration with the IRSEA research institute, has developed the following innovative solution: a diffuser that reproduces a copy of the natural maternal pheromone with calming characteristics thanks to the evaporation of a gel for a of 4 weeks.

Pheromones are semiochemicals that serve for intraspecies communication. The semiochemical contained in SecureBunny equals the maternal pheromone, generated during birth. It signals the cub’s understanding with the nest and is also perceived by an olfactory organ.

The calming characteristics of this maternal pheromone enhance the stressed rabbit’s awareness.

Instructions for proper use
Place the opened SecureBunny jar in the rabbit’s holding area – possibly high up and out of the reach of children and rabbits.
Do not swallow.
Protect from humidity and heat.
For maximum effect, leave the jar open and never change its position.


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