Burgess Excel – Dual Care 60 g


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Burgess Excel – Dual Care 60 g


A complementary food for small sick or convalescent herbivores.

Double care:

-Nutrition in times of stress

– Gastrointestinal support

Double function:

– Syringe feeding

– Feeding with bowl

Suitable for:
Guinea pigs and rabbits
Administration period:
10-14 feeding days (600g)

Benefits of the product:

Excel DUALCARE is a gastrointestinal support with high levels of fiber, profeed and carnitine.
Suitable for feeding in times of stress

Suitable for feeding after surgery / surgery.

High fiber content, palatable in kibble or liquid; Profeed; Vitamin C.

High content of Vitamin C (10,000 mg / kg)

Syringe feeding:
1 part of DUALCARE with 2 parts of hot water
Soak 3-4 minutes

Prepare for every meal

Use syringe with large tip

Not suitable for nasogastric tubes

Recommended daily ration:
Depending on the size of the rabbit, 60 to 90 grams per day.



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