JR-Farm – Chain of Flowers 200 gr


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JR-Farm – Chain of Flowers 200 gr


With the natural flower chain, the action comes to the home of furbabies!

Three cubes made from sustainable grass cardboard richly filled with fragrant hay and a colorful and harmonious blend of flowers.
Strung on a paper ribbon, the flower chain can be hung anywhere as a feeding station and at the same time as a play idea.

The pre-punched heart-shaped openings in the grass basket can be cut out individually so that rodents and dwarf rabbits can use the tasty contents as they please. This promotes the animals’ mobility and dexterity when taking food. Between the cubes are attached two discs of untreated wood, which can also be gnawed.

JR FARM flower chain supplies the animals with healthy hay – the most important nutritional basis – and supports the physiological abrasion of the teeth when chewing thanks to the high crude fiber content.
Enriched with anti-inflammatory marigold blossoms, fragrant rose blossoms, soothing lavender blossoms and lemon balm, the flower chain is a real blessing for animals. It consists of 100% natural materials and is therefore completely consumable.


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