JR-Farm – Dwarf Hamster Feast 600 gr


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JR-Farm – Dwarf Hamster Feast 600 gr


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Dwarf Hamster Feast is a natural and species-appropriate complete food mix for all dwarf hamsters. The varied recipe with wild seeds and lots of animal proteins was specially developed for dwarf hamsters and is of course without fruit and sugar-rich ingredients to prevent diabetes. With vitamins and minerals for a vital life!

Ingredients: silver millet, la plata millets, manna millets, oats, maize, wheat, peanuts, wheat flakes, rice, canary grass seed, wheat puffed, red mohair millets, buckwheat, graminaceous seeds, senegalese millets, shrimps 3%, wild seeds, linseed, spelt, sorghum bicolor, silkworm cocoons 2%, mung beans, milo, hemp seed, blessed milk thistle seeds, peeled pumpkin seeds, fennel seed, rose-hip seeds, black cumin seed

nutritional additives: vitamin A 18.000 IU, vitamin D3 1.800 IU, vitamin E 72 mg

Analytical constituents
protein 14.5%, fat content 8.4%, crude fibre 6.8%, crude ash 3.2%, calcium 1918 mg/kg, phosphorus 2469 mg/kg, sodium 348 mg/kg


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