JR-Farm – Hay Cake with Flowers 75 gr


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JR-Farm – Hay Cake with Flowers 75 gr


Celebrate your furbaby’s special anniversaries!

Grain Free Hay Cake brings a welcome change to the rodent home and is a feast for all herbivorous pets and a feast for the eyes at the same time!
It is based on dried herbs and home grown hay. The cake is decorated with aromatic cornflowers and roses. Made from 100% natural material, the hay cakes are completely edible.
Cornflower and rose not only serve as an attractive garnish, but have a blood purifying, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on the digestive organs.
Carefully dried mountain meadow hay is the basis for healthy nutrition for all small herbivorous animals. The high crude fiber content also promotes significant abrasion of the teeth in rodents and dwarf rabbits.


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