Oxbow – Blue Cloud Bath Sand for Cincillà 1,13 kg


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Oxbow – Blue Cloud Bath Sand for Cincillà 1,13 kg


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Poof! Blue Cloud is a bath sand for cleaning Chinchilla fur
Dust baths with Oxbow Poof Blu cloud sand are essential for the physical and mental well-being of your Chinchilla.

Unique qualities:
• Completely natural – 100% pumice without additives
• Promotes physical and mental well-being
• It favors the normal behavior that the Chinchilla would have in nature
• Disposable as a fertilizer for gardens, plants or lawns

Directions: Bathe your chinchilla 2-4 times a week to remove excess oil and dirt and ensure the softness and healthy condition of its fur.
For bathing, use a stable container, which cannot be turned over. Remove the bath dust from the Chinchilla cage after 3-5 minutes, to avoid dirt and over-exposure to dust. If the dust is dirty, remove and replace.
Use 1 finger of powder in the container for best results.
Oxbow recommends that you consult your veterinarian before using any chinchilla bath powder, if your pet is not acting normally or is sick.

Ingredients: (100% pumice) Storage: in a cool and dry place.



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