Oxbow – Essentials Chinchilla Deluxe 1,36 kg


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Oxbow – Essentials Chinchilla Deluxe 1,36 kg


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Complete and balanced food based on alfalfa for chinchillas.
Essential Chinchilla Deluxe is an alfalfa-based pellet formulated specifically for the unique nutritional needs of pet chinchillas. Chinchillas are strict herbivores therefore a high fiber diet is essential to maintain a healthy and functional digestive system.

Chinchilla Deluxe contains premium quality alfalfa to offer the fiber content necessary to maintain adequate intestinal peristalsis and prevent digestive disorders.

Based on alfalfa hay
Optimal level of protein
High fiber content

Recommended by vets around the world!

Choose from various Oxbow grass hays (timothy grass, wild oats, unarmed bromine and moss grass) to meet your chinchilla’s fiber supplement needs.

Alfalfa meal, soy pods, wheat semolina, soy protein concentrate, salt, sugar cane molasses, yeast, minerals, mineral oil, vitamin A 19,000 (min) IU / kg, vitamin C (L- acid ascorbic, Stay C-35), vitamin D 900 IU / kg, vitamin E 190 mg / kg (alpha tocopherol acetate), copper sulphate.

Guaranteed analysis

Crude protein (min): 18.00%
Crude fat (min): 2.50%
Crude Fiber (min): 18.00%
Crude fiber (max): 23.00%
Humidity (max): 10.00%
Calcium (min): 0.60%
Calcium (max): 1.10%
Phosphorus (min): 0.25%
Salt (min): 0.50%
Sale (max): 1.00%
Copper (min): 30 PPM



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