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Complete food based on alfalfa for young guinea pigs.
Essential Young Guinea Pig Food is a high fiber diet based on alfalfa enriched with essential nutrients for growing, pregnant or lactating guinea pigs. Growing guinea pigs need more protein, calcium and energy. Young Guinea Pig offers an optimal source of balanced protein, containing the amino acids necessary for the growth and health of young guinea pigs.
Alfalfa hay, a natural forage, provides the fiber necessary for the health of your guinea pig’s intestinal tract.
Guinea pigs need a daily vitamin C supplement. Cavy Performance includes Stay C-35, a stabilized form of vitamin C. Each 1/8 glass of Essential Young Guinea Pig contains 22 mg. of vitamin C. To ensure adequate intake of vitamin C, make sure that the animal feeds on the daily ration of pellets listed below. If further supplementation is required, it is recommended that each animal be given an Oxbow Natural Science Vitamin C tablet. Although Essential Young Guinea Pig is an excellent complete feed for guinea pigs, they should also be provided with unlimited amounts of grass hay. You can choose from grass hays such as Western Timothy (timothy), Orchard Grass (small bunch of grass), Oat Hay (wild oats) or Oxbow Organic Meadow for a natural fiber supplement.

Method of use
Young animals (under 6 months of age): They should be fed with pellets every day in addition to grass hay at will.
Adult animals (over 6 months of age): Administer about 1/8 glass of pellets each day in addition to grass hay at will.
Pregnant or lactating females: Feed them with pellets every day in addition to grass hay at will. Alfalfa hay can be given in small quantities.

Alfalfa meal, soy pods, wheat semolina, soy protein concentrate, salt, sugar cane molasses, yeast, minerals, mineral oil, vitamin A 19,000 IU / kg, vitamin C 800 mg / kg (acid L -ascorbic, Stay C-35), vitamin D 900 IU / kg, vitamin E 190 mg / kg (alpha-tocopherol acetate), vitamin D3, vitamin B12 supplement, copper sulphate.

Guaranteed analysis
Crude protein (min): 18.00%
Crude fat (min): 1.50%
Crude Fiber (min): 18.00%
Crude fiber (max): 23.00%
Humidity (max): 10.00%
Calcium (min): 0.60%
Calcium (max): 1.10%
Phosphorus (min): 0.25%
Salt (min): 0.50%
Sale (max): 1.00%
Copper (min): 30 PPM



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