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Oxbow – Skin & Coat


Skin & Coat is a high-fiber supplement with various plant-based ingredients to support your pet’s dermatological and skin health. Burdock Root enhances the coat renewal process and supports skin function, while Chamomile helps reduce itching and scratching. Red palm oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids.

Pets live longer thanks to proper nutrition, adequate care and regular check-ups at the vet. The most common ailments encountered by veterinarians in these small herbivorous animals are related to digestion, urinary tract infections, joint problems, hair and skin problems.

Feeding one Natural Science Oxbow tablet ensures that pets receive all the supplement support needed for optimal health. Skin & Coat is not to be administered in water as it loses its effectiveness, furthermore if left in your pet’s water bowl it could alter its taste making the animal reduce or even refuse water, this can lead to other problems of health. While providing a separate tablet daily allows pet owners to prevent future problems through the use of the supplement.

Active principles
Chamomile: 45 mg
Burdock Root: 13.5mg
Red Palm Oil: 20 mg
Rapeseed oil: 20 mg

Ingredients for 1 tablet

Inactive ingredients for 1 tablet:
Timothy, barley flour, oatmeal, cane molasses, flaxseed flour, dry brewers yeast, red palm oil, rapeseed oil, xanthan gum, algae (fatty products), mixed tocopherols, extract of rosemary

Nutritional instructions: Follow the table below
Animal: Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas | Weight: 0-0.450gr | Recommended doses: Administer 1/2 tablet per day
Animal: Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas | Weight:0.450gr-1.8KG | Recommended doses: Administer 1 tablet per day
Animal: Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas | Weight:1.8KG+KG | Recommended doses: Administer 2 tablets per day
Animal: Rats, Degu| Weight: All Weights | Recommended doses: Administer 1/4 tablet per day

NOT SUITABLE For young, pregnant or lactating females of any species.



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