JR-Farm – Modular maze of edible herbs


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JR-Farm – Modular maze of edible herbs


Create your own edible maze with JR-Farm! Hide some treats in the winding paths and invite your furbabies on an adventurous search for food.

This activity idea promotes the animals’ senses and intelligence.

But first have fun building it! Assemble one or more sets of 12 turf cardboard panels to create a maze, place tempting snacks in different places in each section and your furbabies will leave right away!

This pleasure not only promotes intelligence, but also the motivation and joy of animal movement.

Each pack contains 12 parts for building the maze. All entirely edible because they are created with herbs and field hays.

Dimensions of a plate: 26 x 58 cm, diameter of the opening: 18 cm


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